"It has been a pleasure to have been able to work with the ITI staff over the last several years in providing hands on leadership and learning situations for our students.

The students have always had a fast moving, activity driven learning experience that has encouraged and helped them deal with their own beliefs and other students that bring a differing point of view.

    Diversity, respect for yourself and others,working as a team to reach a goal, and inclusion are concrete attributes of this type of programming. Thank you all so much. We look forward to working with you next year!"


-  John Canfield, Principal Loogootee Middle School

September, 2002

"The conference last fall was great and I have used many of the games and tips that I learned with our youth. Thanks for all that you guys are doing."


- Diane R., Youth Pastor

2001 FUNdamentals Participant


"The workshop was an excellent way of looking 'out of the box' and learning about myself and how I can better facilitate my students.

It was one of the best workshops that I attended that I CAN use in my classroom and with other student groups."


  - Becky C., Teacher

2001 FUNdamentals Participant

"The program this morning was top notch. Thank you so much.

    You are great at tying the fun into some real deep thinking.

Just what we were looking for."

- Lynn, Teacher

Lebanon High School

October. 2009

" . . . I believe that our short time together this weekend was a productive first step in building a high performing team.  You were a pleasure to work with and your excellent efforts are much appreciated. Your enthusiasm and commitment to our team's success will be remembered as we move forward. Thanks again for working with us. I look forward to working with you again."

- Fred C.

Paratek Microwave, Inc.

Columbia, MD

Is your team searching for a unique, team building experience? Consider the ITI Adventure Circle City Challenge. Custom designed by our team to suit your team.


Participants travel throughout Indianapolis, "The Circle City," attempting to locate landmarks and seek out photo ops. Along the way they solve problems, puzzles and perform challenging tasks. Teams develop a strategic plan to earn the maximum number of points in the allotted time. Most importantly, they have fun!

Not able to come to Indianapolis? No problem, we'll come to you!

The ITI Team will customize the experience from start to finish to address the specific goals of your group. The challenge may be part of a comprehensive team building program or a stand alone, recreational event.

Circle City Challenge

›  Fight or Flight:

     Stress Management and Relaxation

›  FUNdamentals of Facilitation Series:

      The “art” of facilitation.

›  FUNdamentals of Creativity

›  FUNdamentals of Teamwork

›  FUNdamentals of Change:

›  FUNdamentals of Problem Solving

›  FUNdamentals of Action Planning

›  FUNdamentals of Group Games

›  FUNdamentals of Empowerment

›  FUNdamentals of Temperament

›  Adults as Allies

The ITI Facilitation Team has presented dynamic, interactive workshops throughout Indiana and beyond.

Typically, a client will host a customized workshop to meet the specific needs of their team. Occasionally, ITI will announce “on site” workshops and accept individual and group registrations.

Classroom teachers, corporate teams, youth groups, and service volunteers are among those who have expanded their personal and professional bag of tricks via ITI workshops and programs.

Custom Workshops

The FUNdamentals of Facilitation workshops are a favorite of the ITI Team. Classroom teachers, corporate trainers, youth workers, and service volunteers are among those who have expanded their personal and professional bag of tricks via these sessions.


FUNdamentals 101 - Activities and initiatives followed by more initiatives and activities. New stuff and old stuff with new twists. We feature no-prop, low-prop and portable prop programs.  One, two or three day workshop.


FUNdamentals 201 - Sequencing and selection.  Learn to optimize your programs by exploring the art of selection and sequencing.  One or two day workshop.


FUNdamentals 301 - Reflecting, debriefing techniques.  Increase your debriefing effectiveness by exploring a plethora of reflecting techniques and activities. One or two day workshop.


FUNdamentals 401 - Explore a variety of theories and models designed to broaden your facilitation foundation. These sessions are designed for facilitators who have practical experience in the field.  One day or multiple day workshop.

Click here to visit our  Extras Page

for more examples of ITI graphics and handouts from our FUNdamentals of Facilitation series and other workshops.

FUNdamentals of Facilitation

  Conference keynote

  Community building programs

  Corporate Team retreats

  Corporate Team building

  College/University RA Training

  Prevention leadership training

  Peer Mentor workshops/retreats

  Faith Groups

  Student council workshops/retreats

  Faculty capacity building workshops

  Athletic team building retreats

  and much, much more.

From consultations to custom designed and facilitated programs, ITI offers a range of resources for corporate, school, community, and faith groups.  Working with your leaders, ITI will design a program to meet the specific needs of your target audience.  ITI's extensive resources are available to assist your program however large or small.

The ITI Team has developed and facilitated a plethora of customized, portable team building and leadership programs including:

Portable Adventure Programs

Since 1984, ITI has facilitated team building and leadership training through experience-based methods, primarily at our summer leadership camps.

ITI Adventure was launched in the fall of 2000 to highlight our experience-based programs available to businesses, schools, and community groups year-round.

We've since traveled from Maine to California and throughout the State of Indiana remaining true to our mission of Equipping Leaders and Developing Teams!


Indiana Teen Institute

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